Week 10 Picks

2-1 last week as the Broncos just couldn't pull it out although we may have been fortunate to take the Chiefs game. Somewhere between 1.0 and 1.4 units up for the season.

A small three game card again this week, all plays that could be described as marginal at best, other than the Carolina game which unfortunately has already moved a point and a half off the open of +5. Don't really see any reason why I wouldn't back this team, they keep covering usually in games they dominate yet are priced as an around league-average team. Very odd we like them every week.

The other two games are basically injury/small-sample size fades. Washington is very banged up and while the model prices that in to some extent you could argue that the compound injuries on their offensive line may suggest a larger-than-normal adjustment for injury which I did not make here. As for the Giants, the rating here assumes that Mullens is of a similar talent level to Beathard; it would favor the Giants more otherwise. One game against a terrible team that has quit on their season shouldn't change one's opinion of a player that much, he is probably still a third-string level player, but as always we will see next Monday. Both of these plays I would play for a below-average bet if at all, especially the Skins.