About Us

Quantum Sports was founded to become the internet leader in transparent, documented, winning sports handicapping. However, after experimenting with selling winning picks, I quickly learned that selling winning picks doesn't really make any sense.

In smaller markets and small sports, selling picks is justifiable, because it is difficult for the individual sports bettor to wager large sums of money on these plays - typically bettors who focus on these will get banned or limited very quickly at all but a few sportsbooks. As a result it is possible to make more money selling these plays to others than it is to make through betting, at least in the short run. In this way the pick seller can take advantage of the ability to essentially leverage the betting power of worldwide sports bettors to make more money than they otherwise could.

The problem with doing this is that it kills the market for these sports, because so much action comes in on the right side that sportsbooks are forced to compensate. They do so by either sharpening up their lines or cutting limits / adding vig to these sports. In addition, some sports are so soft that the right side quickly becomes obvious after a few weeks of plays even to those that can't really handicap, but are semi-sharp. They begin betting the plays before the picks are even released, further killing the odds. Having caused this myself in a couple of small sports, I decided to stop selling any plays on these types of sports.

In larger sports, there is less of a fear of killing the market. However, there is much less of an edge to be had compared to small sports. What this means is that there isn't much of a difference in results in the short-run between a winning handicapping service and a typical handicapping service (which is a total scam). This makes advertising a service on the basis of selling legitimate winning plays a fool's task - everyone has seen these claims before and almost no one actually wins, and even if you have a decent record, it will never be as good as a fake record. It is a freeroll against yourself - the only people that will buy your picks are those with the skill to identify winning players based on a record, and these are the types of people that don't need to see an advertised record to buy your picks anyway.

In all cases, I can make far more money betting myself than selling picks, as is true for most who win, and the only way this would ever change is if it becomes very difficult for me to bet in the future - a realistic possibility given the way things are going. But for now, since it makes no economic sense for me I have gotten out of the pick-selling business and have no plans to return. I post free NFL plays here and may post free picks in other sports, but these are sports that I bet primarily for entertainment purposes - although I do expect to win and wager on all these picks myself.

I have written several gambling books and plan to write more in the future, along with a couple other books on sports analytics. I don't expect to make much money off these books, and in fact they may cost me money in the long run, but I enjoy writing them, and can assure you that all of these books will improve your sports betting results.