Sports Gambling Books

Over the years I have realized that there is a critical need for quality handicapping literature, both in sports betting and other fields. As a sports bettor who is fortunate enough to no longer have to work at a real job I often have too much time on my hands and as such have decided to address this need. Although I am not a professional writer, I feel the gambling information in these books is of the highest quality, and am certain that all are worth many times the price charged for any serious sports bettor.
Winning Sports Betting
While most of the books offered here are highly mathematical, Winning Sports Betting focuses on the practical side of sports betting. How do sports bettors get an edge? Where, when, how, and how much should the sports bettor bet? How do you form a syndicate? When should you turn pro? The tricks of the trade used by all serious sports bettors are covered in detail in Winning Sports Betting.
Fantasy Hockey: A Guide for Serious Players
Hockey is probably my favorite sport to bet, and is where I made my first big scores in sports betting. It is an amazing sport, yet somehow gets only a fraction of the attention of football. And in my opinion, fantasy hockey is not played nearly enough.
Covering both DFS and season-long fantasy hockey, Fantasy Hockey: A Guide for Serious Players is the most in-depth guide to fantasy hockey player projection to date. All of the topics most pertinent to NHL player projection are covered in great detail, including the use of Vegas lines (in both forms of the game), goalies, how to use advanced stats, player aging curves, and much more. Statistical player projection models are presented, along with practical advice on how the player can go about building their own statistical models. Correct lineup selection and draft strategy for both season-long and roto leagues is also discussed.
Picking NFL Winners
Picking NFL WInners: A Statistical Handicapping Primer has everything you need to get started using sports analytics to beat the NFL point spread. After discussing the NFL market and the fundamentals of handicapping the sport, we present a set of statistical models that the reader can use to handicap NFL games, then walk through a number of practical handicapping exercises based on actual past NFL games.
The book focuses on straightforward statistical handicapping, and how to approach building such statistical models, but situational and subjective handicapping techniques are also discussed. Powerful material on teasers, line moves, and halftime betting is also included.
Beating NFL Teasers
Beating NFL Teasers is a mini e-book establishing that yes, some NFL teasers are still worth betting even in 2018, even when laying terrible odds like -120 on a 2-teamer. The book presents the most comprehensive guide to pricing and betting teasers to date.
Professional Daily Fantasy Football
I started out in sports betting focusing on player props, and started playing DFS a few years back since it was nothing more than a twist on player prop betting. Unfortunately it was banned in Nevada while I was living in Vegas, which is fair enough, since DFS is nothing more than unlicensed sports betting. My loss is your gain as rather than getting beard accounts to stay in action I instead have decided to give away all of my old models and roster selection techniques in Professional Daily Fantasy Football.
Professional Daily Fantasy Football introduces how to best project fantasy points at each position, using standard statistical techniques. After establishing our projection methods we then study which types of players tend to have the most value versus salaries on a week to week basis. The book ends with an analysis of how to choose optimal cash and GPP rosters for a given set of projections.