Week 14 NFL Picks

Exciting 3-0 last week. Seattle was a blowout, the Chargers came back in an incredible game, and the Eagles injured the other team's starting QB putting Mark Sanchez on the field which has always been a path to victory. Two lucky wins although you can always argue that the Chargers were "good enough to stay in the game to set up their comeback" or that the Eagles "strong defense led to the injury".

Week 14 Picks

Three plays this week. One fading the McCarthy firing, one betting against SF because they suck, and finally, we will have to sack up and take Oakland as there is just too much value to be had with them this week.

I might go ahead and enter this Punt Analytics contest. Unfortunately I don't think there is much they can do other than ban punts, which they can't and won't do because it would make games less competitive plus the players union will hate it. But it's a very interesting data set.