Week 15 NFL Picks

1-2 last week. Atlanta lost by 14 in a game with a pick six and missed FG, Denver got blown out in a terrible pick, and Oakland won as a 10.5 point dog, in most part due to injuring Big Ben along with a weird missed FG.

We are now moving into the silly season where many teams have little to play for other than pride and next year's contracts. While motivation does not mean all that much it still is of some importance. As it turns out, we aren't fading it in any of the three picks this week.

I thought this was going to be a one-pick week on Monday but some heavy action has come in throughout the week that we will be fading. Certainly there are angles that would lead one to support Cleveland as they have been playing better since firing Hue, they have a rookie QB that looks good and has picked up experience throughout the year, and Denver is really banged up on offense. But at some point there is a price where Denver is worth supporting and especially getting the motivation advantage on the other side of 3 I think they are an easy choice here.

The Seattle play is really the same story. The 49ers are also a team that has been playing better since Mullens was brought in, and have a slight injury advantage against the Seahawks who are also coming off a short week. So we are taking Seattle as the price is just too low.

As for Atlanta, the pick is a little worrying as they have under-performed most of the year, with us on them many of the games although to be fair a couple of the games were bad-beat type losses. I am not sure how this team, that has been fairly healthy with Matt Ryan at QB, is only 4-9. Well, I guess I do know, because they have managed to have the worst defense in the league. Probably a good bounce-back candidate team next year if they fire their coaching staff. Both of their coordinators are total clowns and since the head coach chooses these guys he probably should go too. I would only take this at less than 10.