Week 5 NFL Picks

2-1 last week as two games where we had 3 +105 or similar fell 3 when one could have got the extra half point on game day. Come here for the sharpest plays where you always get the best of the number!

Week 5 Picks

A four pick card; right now we are still in the point of the season where we are taking the same teams week after week, and fading some others. Sometimes that is horrible, and sometimes it is not. In any event we are coming to the part of the season where stats are starting to make a difference to the projections, meaning there will likely be fewer plays in the weeks to come as we begin to use much the same approach that the market and sportsbooks seem to use.

The Arizona pick is probably the most interesting; obviously they are not a good team at all but they are extremely healthy while the 49ers are banged up. They also at least have a semi-ok defense, and the Madden raters think Josh Rosen, who fell in the draft apparently because he is politically left-leaning (amazing), is pretty good compared to Beathard. How can we go wrong?!