Week 13 NFL Picks

2-1 last week. A poor holiday start as the Falcons played more than well enough to cover getting 13 but at the end of the day, blew it as they always do. Some teams are just cursed. We then won a blowout with the Chargers in game that looked like it had almost no equity down 0-10 in the first quarter, only for Arizona to look like the first NFL team that really could lose to Alabama for the rest of the game. Finally, we got lucky in Denver winning the turnover battle 4-1 in a game where the Broncos were heavily outplayed. A very positive result for me as not only did I have the Broncos and Broncos ML but also have the Broncos over 7 season wins and the Steelers under 10.5 wins.

Week 13 Picks

An exciting card this week with three plays and a couple other games that could be worth betting. Especially with Kessler the Jags are pretty bad, but not bad enough to be getting four+ points at home from the Colts as their defense has still played well and has a ton of talent. But with a new offensive coordinator I am going to pass here as I know head coaches hired in-season don't do well and while I'm not sure the effect is as powerful at coordinator, nor am I sure anyone could be worse than the last Jags OC, anything is possible. The other game one could consider playing is Oakland but I probably won't; I need a bigger edge than usual to consider betting on Oakland these days.

As for the picks we have our standard weekly Steelers fade as well as two big favorites in the Seahawks and Eagles. The Eagles haven't played well this year but the injury situation here is too favorable here. As for the Seahawks, the 49ers offensive performance was really bad last week; while I am not a one-game type guy I think the Mullens hype train has officially derailed. If the 49ers decide to go with Beathard I would like the Seahawks a little less but I still think the game would be worth playing.