Hockey Picks

Having spent many years studying the NHL and its wagering market and sharpening our statistical models (as well as paying substantial tuition along the way) we are now proud to offer what we believe will be a strong winning NHL service to potential customers. All of our plays are based on rigorously tested statistical models that take into account all team, player, and situational aspects we have found to be pertinent to an NHL contest. We do of course take injury, coaching, and market trends into account as well before making our selections.  

We had a very hot start in NHL in 2017-2018 but cooled off mid-season. Still, we profited 18.5 units for the year at a 4% ROI while getting the better of the closing number 72% of the time. The Finland Liiga plays we posted also did well winning 5.2 units in limited action, particularly considering the poor odds offered on pickmonitor/5dimes (as compared to Pinnacle).

Sides were very strong while totals were awful; our model struggled to adjust for the change in both officiating emphasis and overall league play style which occured in 2017-2018. Most of our hot start in sides was due to winning a very high percentage of overtimes which are 50/50 coinflips, but that cooled off later in the year and we finished around 50%. We did run very well in puck lines, where an usual number of teams where we took +1.5 lost by 1 in regulation, which is mostly luck.

Eventually we stopped posting plays due to issues with the basketball side of our service. The rest of the season (as of late March) we were around break-even on sides, but totals began winning at a strong rate getting almost back to even for the season (we lost -12 units on the service plays in 2017-2018), as we found many opportunities betting unders on injury-ravaged teams, a concept that has stood the test of time. We expect totals will be much stronger going forward.

We enjoy betting hockey and find it to be a very profitable sport to bet, but we have received far more interest in the college basketball plays due to the higher win rates and number of plays possible in that sport. The NHL market is definitely much tougher than the college basketball market; even the opening lines are nearly always reasonable and especially if one lays -110 it is very tough to beat. 

You can view our record across all sports below or go to our pickmonitor page to view our hockey play history and results. Note that all plays below are to win one unit; although we believe some plays have more edge than others, we think that in the interests of transparent reporting of our record it is best to keep unit size constant.